Thank you for your support again with Art for AIDS, benefitting AIDS CT.  Once again, your food was delicious and your presentation was beautiful.  People are still raving about your vegan “meatballs” and about your delicious spring rolls with the mouthwatering peanut dipping sauce! We really appreciate your support over the years, with Oscar Night and Art for AIDS.  Your support helps us serve our clients better and to strive to improve the lives of people impacted by HIV through care and supportive services, housing, advocacy and prevention. On a personal level, I would also like to thank you for your commitment to providing healthy, nutritious vegan food to people in Connecticut. I envision a day when everyone in CT will support ethical, humane and environmentally conscious farming. Thank you for serving delicious vegan food that convinces EVERYONE that eating vegan is not a sacrifice but instead, a treat! For example, after you catered my 50th birthday party, almost every guest asked questions like, “That was really vegan???” or “That caterer was incredible, where did you find her?” and many of the guests mentioned that it would be easy to eat healthy if they could eat YOUR food every day!

I can’t thank you enough for your support with ACT, with the Hartford community and on a personal level, how special you made my 50th birthday party.  I can’t wait to visit your food truck and to see you at the Coventry farmer’s Market! Much love and gratitude,

Wendy Development Director AIDS CT, Hartford, Connecticut

Chef Gabriella and Mal always make my day! Not only is their food beyond expectations and always such a culinary delight, but their smiles make my heart glad. As a pastor and prison chaplain I work with a lot of different people, but these two are genuine in their commitment to health and delightful food. I am not vegetarian, but I love Gabriella’s food and would eat it everyday if I could! Visit them anytime you can and you will NOT be disappointed.

Reverend Dr. Charles Williams, Hartford, Connecticut

Beyond good food, beyond great food, it’s food made with love.  As cheesy as that sounds, there is no other way to describe what sets Chef Gabriella’s food apart from others.

Love infuses not only her food, but her entire business.  Extremely easy to work with, punctual, and responsive, Chef Gabriella is a unique presence in the Connecticut catering and food scene.  She values her customers almost as much as her wholesome organic food creations, and strives to make sure all needs are met.  Chef G never hesitates to customize or tweak a menu to a customer’s specifications, and strives to nourish this community from the inside out.We feel extremely grateful to enjoy and share AMOR’s food with the staff, students, and community members at West Hartford Yoga.

Jennifer Leavitt , West Hartford, Connecticut

I must be honest with you. AMOR Food Truck and Catering business is without question a wholly complete food experience topped with talented friendly staff, and experienced in veggie and vegan cuisine. In my experience in eating both at the food truck and their catering service, it is a carnivores paradise.NO, they don’t cook meat. They prepare the most satisfying foods that any meat eater would be astonished once they get their first order. That was me. Chef Gabriella is a MASTER at knowing and applying the correct seasonings to all her dishes, bringing the honest flavors of her creative dishes to a different level. You actually taste the real flavor of the food without the perfumed after taste you would find from other vendors. One thing that is never forgotten in this food experience is texture. All the food dishes come with a variety of textures that please the palate and that even includes the ‘to die for’ deserts. It is a venue that will please every everyone.

Dave Carrier, Hartford, Connecticut

AMOR’s creativity goes above and beyond the average caterer with a passion to not only please a variety of palates but to nourish the soul. Chef Gabriella’s meticulous attention to detail, bold flavor combinations, and quality ingredients creates food that looks beautiful, tastes sublime, and makes you feel good.

Lori-Beth “LB” Munoz, Hartford, Connecticut

I asked my very non-vegetarian family members to try an AMOR catered thanksgiving, and their first response was, “What do you mean no turkey?!”  I convinced them to try it just once, and so we ordered a variety on the AMOR menu. Upon the very first bite, they were sold. My traditional meat-eating family were so in love with Chef Gabriella’s delectable dishes, they didn’t even realize that they were actually eating good, healthy food too. In my sixteen years as a vegetarian, I couldn’t do what Chef Gabriella managed in just one meal: convince my family that vegetarian food can actually be tasty! My parents have since converted a bunch of their friends to AMOR fans. I have truly never had more delicious food myself. There is some kind of magic in those recipes. YUM.

Amie Farquhar, West Hartford, Connecticut

Your food is art — delicious, beautiful, creative and meaningful.  AMOR food truck team members are some of the most sincere, compassionate, loving people I’ve to meet. Thank you for changing the world – one bite at a time.

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Chef Gabriella’s cuisine a number of times, and I have been overwhelmed by her talent and love for feeding people nutritiously tasteful food.

Whitney Wood Rahm Weldon, Warren, Connecticut

Chef Gabriella’s intimate knowledge of food and her unique ability to combine flavors is unmatched. Being able to balance the sweet with the salty to create a dish that is pleasing to the eye, pallet and stomach is nothing short of amazing! While most traditional recipe’s are difficult to translate, Chef Gabriella was able to turn a Stuffed Manicotti dish into a truly inspired vegan delight, perfectly seasoned with fresh herbs, handmade pasta, creamy filling and fresh marinara. This dish will not leave you feeling heavy, but hungry for seconds. Her Raspberry Chocolate Cake was the star of my birthday party. The multi-layered cake was rich chocolate that melts in your mouth, combined with the tart raspberries provided a delicate and wonderful surprise to the perfectly sweet treat. Many of my guests were amazed at the fact that it was again completely vegan!

AG Catanzarite, Portland, Oregon

Chef Gabriella is one fantastic gal. She takes individual dietary concerns seriously, and quickly comes up with beautiful, fantastic menu ideas. Besides being one of the sweetest people in my life, her cooking is out of this world. From her vegan BBQ seitan that she prepared for my wedding to the most beautiful and delicious birthday cake she surprised me with. Her wide variety of vegan and vegetarian recipes are so tasty and sure to please everyone. I recommend her for anyone’s event/function and dietary needs. And besides her tasty food, she has a heart of gold, and is such a treasure to be around.

MarenBatts New, New Orleans, Louisiana

Chef Gabriella is an inspired addition to the world of vegan and vegetarian cooking. Her fearless and bold translation of classic and traditional recipe’s are a delight to behold. As a practicing omnivore, I am probably one of the most stubborn eaters when it comes to exclusively vegetarian cooking, yet Chef Gabriella has opened my eyes and surprised my pallet every time. Her passion for responsible eating while not excluding taste and depth makes for a very enjoyable meal. Bravo!

Raj Taylor, Nevada City, California

Chef Gabriella’s creations are truly one-of-a-kind! The robust flavors matched with the lightness of many of her dishes are what make them irresistible. The quality, array, presentation, and detail of her cuisine make for the perfect menu or meal for the vegan, vegetarian or health conscious person in mind. Every holiday that passes by I look forward to spending it with the Taylor family in hopes that I get to indulge in another one of Gabriella’s feasts!

Amanda R. Thomas, San Diego, California

Eating Chef Gabriella’s food, it was love at first taste. I will try anything, almost anything, at least once. Gabriella’s food I could not stop trying, as my brother once said, “let me try again to make sure it is good enough”. I’m not a vegetarian however, I do not miss any protein whenever I eat her food. Brunch is my favorite in fact, scramble tofu, biscuits with her delicious gravy, home fries (which includes sweet potato) or Banana stuffed French toast I would eat at any time of the day. I cannot forget to mention the baking….oh sweet cupcakes, chocolate cakes, muffins and my favorite, the scones. One night I stopped at her house she gave me some blueberry scones so I could have them for breakfast the next morning. Well, I ate all four of them while I was driving home, did I mention I live two blocks from her house? 

What is different about her food? I watch a lot of Cooking shows, I work in a restaurant and most of the chefs seem to be angry at all the time, many of kitchens run on tension. Whenever I watch her cooking I never see that. I believe she cooks, not only using the best ingredients, but with her mind, body, soul and love. I noticed how she respects the ingredients that she needs to make wonderful food and I really appreciate the results. You must love what you do and Gabriella does an amazing job making delicious food with love. Thanks for sharing your delicious food and feeding me when I’m hungry and need energy to keep up with my very busy life. I recommend Chef Gabriella’s cuisine and I would eat anything, I do mean anything she makes; even with my eyes closed.

Elis BeretaBoglisch, Hartford, CT