Local Organic Farmers AMOR Food Truck uses…

Tara Tranguch of Serafina Says Farm who grows nutrient rich Vegetables, Sprouts &
Mirco-greens on a farm in Canton, CT. The farm offers a CSA farm share, a
Wheatgrass CSA share, and hasproduce, wheatgrass and sprouted food
products available at farmers’ markets,for restaurants and foodestablishments.

The most powerful, enzyme-rich food are sprouted seeds, grains and
legumes. Sprouted foods, or sprouts,are a nutrient-dense, living and growing
whole food. Sprouts are alkaline and packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

A single seed contains all the information and nutrition required to
germinate and become a plant. When you eat a sprouted seed,
you access the seed’s life-force and easily assimilate all its health benefits.

Sprouts are the food for long-term health and wellness, as they can
prevent diseases and lifestyle related ailments. Best of all,
sprouts are the cheapest and most convenient source of complete

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