AMOR Food Truck was born from a simple recipe: the meeting between a couple and their love for good food thoughtfully sourced & made with love.

We are a Local Female Family Owned & Operated Food Truck Serving CT The Best Vegan, Vegetarian World Cuisine.
At AMOR Food Truck, our mission is to seek out the highest quality ingredients and create innovative, mouthwatering artisan dishes that will undoubtedly transform the way you experience Vegan and Vegetarian food.

Our ever growing, dynamic menu is cultivated from the freshest organic, non-GMO ingredients, carefully and thoughtfully sourced with taste and quality in mind. Each and every creation is produced in small and limited quantities, in order to offer our customers unique and exclusive dishes.

For us, food is happiness, entertainment, adventure, education, enjoyment and AMOR.

Life tastes good to us, We think it should taste good to you too!